Hello There 👋🏻

My name is Haoya, welcome to my website!


The website built with amazingRemixTailwindcssPnPmand really enjoyed!

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About me

I am 27 years old, born in 1996. I am a programmer and live in Shanghai, China.

My favorite programming language is Java, I also write Ruby and Go.

I love smoking pipe. Pipe make me calm(I'm fairly casual).

Hiking is the most important thing to me. My best hiking memories are the Hui Hang Ancient Road and Shang Qing Ancient Road.

I really like cycle.


Now I'm working for a supa cool startup company

Earlier, I coded for an AI fitness company long time. I built and assembled a great back-end architecture and back-end team until it was acquired by in 2021.

Side project

Goose blog

Goose blog is a lightweight txt style blog application built with rails.


TYPETYPE is a blog creator. You can create your own blog on TYPETYPE. It's very lightweight and easy to use.


LoopLoop(循环英语) can listen to English conversations indefinitely, it runs on Wechat, I built it with my friend in a few weekends.


目价 is a very small and fast application that displays real-time stock prices on your Mac status bar.